Guillaume, a partner at OUIE COSMETICS in Provence, specializes in curating inspired fragrances identical to the originals. His role combines a love for tourism and tech, infusing these elements into OUIE's essence. Beyond cosmetics, he explores coastal gems and embraces tech trends. OUIE is his invitation to experience Provence's magic through meticulously crafted fragrances. 

Ae Cha, a resident of the picturesque Gyeongju, wears multiple hats with pride. Beyond being a talented writer, she plays a crucial role as a key partner for OUIE Cosmetics Philippines. Her writing is a vibrant canvas, reflecting the cultural richness of Gyeongju. In addition to her literary prowess, Ae Cha's significant contribution lies in her role as a sourcing specialist. With an extensive network, she diligently seeks out natural raw materials in Japan and Korea, enhancing the essence of OUIE Cosmetics' products. 

Ling Xi, the proprietor of a tube manufacturing company based in Guangdong, plays a pivotal role in designing and producing tubes. As a valued collaborator of OUIE Cosmetics, Ling Xi seamlessly connects the realms of manufacturing and beauty. His dedication to quality and innovation has been instrumental in fostering OUIE's success. 

Meet OUIE – a dynamic entrepreneur blending creativity and business acumen. Based in Manila, his ventures span consultancy, web services, and OUIE Cosmetics Philippines, where he serves as Principal. Currently, he owns a Consultancy and Support Service specializing in web design, web management, and content writing. With unwavering commitment, OUIE epitomizes modern entrepreneurship, redefining success across industries. 

Meet OUIÉ Cosmetics Team—a collaborative venture that springs from visionary minds. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, our brand breaks conventional boundaries, merging dreams and beauty into a harmonious reality. Our journey began in Feb 2023, a convergence of diverse talents uniting to bring forth a unique vision.

At the core of our collection is the Emulsion De Parfum (PERFUME CREAM), a symbol of our commitment to excellence. Our quest for distinctiveness led us to source formulations from the fragrant landscapes of France, where each scent is meticulously chosen for our Perfume Line. Packaging, a craft executed with meticulous care, finds its genesis in China.

Our narrative flourishes as we explore the profound connection between skincare, fragrance, and self-expression. Guided by our Filipino heritage, OUIÉ Cosmetics disrupts conventional beauty norms. With an avant-garde approach, we synergize the ingenuity of Japan and Korea for our skincare formulations, drawing inspiration from the natural world. Meanwhile, the Philippines plays a pivotal role in our journey, bringing these creations to life through manufacturing.

Our odyssey is a constant evolution. Rooted in unceasing innovation, we're dedicated to crafting skincare, bath, and body products that redefine quality and accessibility. Our goal is to democratize premium skincare, dispelling the notion that luxury is a mere illusion. OUIÉ Cosmetics' partners affirm that every product is meticulously designed to be budget-friendly.

We believe that opulence in skincare should be accessible to all. Shattering the fallacy that efficacy is tethered to expense, we transcend preconceptions. Drawing upon creative minds from across the globe, we've harnessed the expertise of France, China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines to craft an experience that transcends the boundaries of beauty.

OUIÉ Cosmetics weaves together entrepreneurial spirit, cultural richness, and the essence of dreams. Our story is in every product, inspiring you to pursue your dreams and elevate self-care. OUIÉ Cosmetics is a symbol of ambition and the transformative power of dedication.

Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the fusion of fragrances and skincare. Let OUIÉ Cosmetics ignite the flame of persistence and creativity within you. Your journey is expansive, and among the constellations of your destiny, we stand ready to illuminate the path. Together, let's rewrite the narrative and redefine the essence of accessible luxury because, at OUIÉ Cosmetics, we believe that true beauty should know no bounds.

Our Distinctive Formulation Craftsmanship

Here at OUIÉ Cosmetics, our pursuit of crafting exceptional products has been fueled by years of dedicated research and innovation, fostering unwavering trust among our esteemed community of beauty enthusiasts and seasoned experts.

Our devotion to the art of formulation emanated from a deep-seated purpose: to conceive products that seamlessly blend unrivaled effectiveness with the tenderest care for sensitive skin. With a clear understanding of the unique needs of our customers, we embarked on a journey driven by passion and diligence.

As a result of this devotion, each of our formulations is a masterpiece carefully curated with an array of clean, compliant ingredients, meticulously selected to provide the best possible experience for your skin. This thoughtful approach ensures that our products not only perform exceptionally but also offer a sense of indulgence and well-being with every use.

We take immense pride in presenting you with products that not only cater to your skin's needs but also uplift your spirits, enveloping you in a radiant and confident aura. At OUIÉ Cosmetics, our distinguished formulations are a testament to our unyielding commitment to your beauty, aroma, and happiness.