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Usage Experience: First-time use, already in love! Lightweight, minimal staining, looks a bit pinkish on me due to my skin's acidity, but not overly so like the magic lip oil. It doesn't transfer, which is great for bedtime use, and it won't stain fabrics. 

Fragrance: The fragrance is super mild, and almost non-existent, which is a great feature.

Packaging: The packaging is superb! You could practically throw it around without worry. Haha!



Usage Experience: I initially thought it was just an oil, but it turned out to enhance my lip color, making it slightly brighter. I applied it before bed and woke up to find no transfer onto my pillow, just softer and more hydrated lips. 

Fragrance:  Subtle and very calming.

Packaging: It's incredibly convenient because it feels premium and fits easily in my purse or pocket without any concerns. ry 

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Fragrance: A delightful sweet, candy-like scent that adds a pleasant touch to the application.

Packaging: Exceptional packaging enhances the overall appeal of the product, making it even more enjoyable to use. 

Benefits: I adore this product for its lip-loving properties. This product is fantastic! It strikes a perfect balance, is not overly oily, and imparts a lightweight feel while effectively moisturizing my lips, leaving them incredibly soft. 



Usage Experience: It offers effortless application without leaving any stains. 

Beauty Profile: Given my dry lips, I'm optimistic that this product will assist in revitalizing them, particularly with regular use. I'm genuinely excited and looking forward to seeing positive outcomes! 

Packaging: The packaging is exceptionally secure and tamper-proof. 



Effectiveness: Guaranteed 100% 

Texture: Exceptional 

Fragrance: Outstanding

The packaging is truly impressive, and it's definitely worth the price. The product itself is excellent and offers great value for money. The scent is delightful, not overpowering, and has a gentle and appealing quality.


Benefits: It's fantastic – combining the qualities of both lip gloss and lipstick in a single product.

Usage Experience: It's user-friendly and incredibly convenient.

Packaging: The packaging is excellent, with a 100% secure vacuum-sealed content.

I'm eager to test out all your products. The delivery was incredibly fast; I ordered yesterday and received it today – absolutely amazing! 



Fragrance: It's mild and fruity. 

Usage Experience: I applied it before bedtime, and woke up with soft and slightly pink lips. 

Packaging: For the packaging lakas Maka sossy. 

Got mine! First time user na arbor agad Ng daughter ko kse it's very nice. I applied it before bedtime then pag gising lambot ng lips and mamula mula sya.